Quietly Investigating

…what if my friends…thought I was a bit of a kook!?

Welcome to my hypnosis blog!   Let me share a bit of background with you to explain how I got here.

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to lose weight and get healthy again.   Mind you, I’m not in bad health per se’ but certainly far from fit and carrying around 90-100 pounds excess body weight.  Eventually, that catches up with us.   With a family history of diabetes, I needed to make a change for the better before I became a statistic.

I finally found a gym that I like (yay!), but still really struggled to get my food under control.  I don’t mean eating healthy foods.  Lean meats?  √   5-8 servings of fruits and veggies?  √  whole grains?  √   What I mean is that I struggled with not eating unhealthy crap.   Whoopie pies?  Yes please!  Chips?  1 bag per serving!   Candy bars?  King (size) me!   Sharing a popcorn at the movies?   Yes, jumbo please with extra butter.   You get the idea…it wasn’t pretty.    Overeaters Anonymous had no appeal to me; I wasn’t interested in any 12 step “programs”.   I knew what I needed to do (STOP eating that crap!), yet I had zero self control.  None.  I would try to talk myself out of buying the junk, and be surprised when I was facing an empty package.  How did that happen??   What was wrong with me??

Several years ago, when I still smoked (see, I have a history of unhealthy behaviors), I tried a group hypnosis to quit smoking.  It worked!  Well, it worked until I didn’t have a self hypnosis “backup” tape to listen to (that’s cassette tapes, before cd’s were invented).  I started smoking again waiting for my backup tape.   But I knew hypnosis had potential to unlock my willpower or whatever it was that I was lacking. Continue reading “Quietly Investigating”