They Say Third Time’s The Charm

Will I return to my gluttonous ways?

Welcome back to my blog about whether or not hypnosis can change my life!   The first two weeks were really pretty amazing!

I did not have the cravings I used to have, I was tasting my food in a new way appreciating and noticing distinct flavors, and steering away from all the prepackaged stuff I used to take advantage of.   I wanted “real” food, that was itself the only ingredient, or consisted of real ingredients, not stuff I can’t pronounce or explain where it came from.  I can only attribute this particular change to something Karen said during one of my sessions.   I can’t remember the exact quote but basically the most nutrient dense foods either came from the ground or used to breathe.  Simple.  And basically true as far as I can tell (if you include coming from something that used to breathe, like milk).   I haven’t come up with any food that is truly nutritious that doesn’t meet that criteria.  Can you?  There must be some.   Ponder it and tell me what you come up with.

Anyway, time for my last session.   Would I continue to have success “on my own”?   I couldn’t think of a reason why not, since everything was going so well.   And yet, Karen helped me make this drastic change.  What if I needed continuous reinforcement?  I can’t afford to go all the time, and I REALLY don’t want to revert to my old ways, eating garbage every day.   I have been feeling so much better!

Just a few days earlier, I was driving to work feeling so relaxed and at ease with life.  I thought to myself, is this what inner peace feels like?  Continue reading “They Say Third Time’s The Charm”