They Say Third Time’s The Charm

Will I return to my gluttonous ways?

Welcome back to my blog about whether or not hypnosis can change my life!   The first two weeks were really pretty amazing!

I did not have the cravings I used to have, I was tasting my food in a new way appreciating and noticing distinct flavors, and steering away from all the prepackaged stuff I used to take advantage of.   I wanted “real” food, that was itself the only ingredient, or consisted of real ingredients, not stuff I can’t pronounce or explain where it came from.  I can only attribute this particular change to something Karen said during one of my sessions.   I can’t remember the exact quote but basically the most nutrient dense foods either came from the ground or used to breathe.  Simple.  And basically true as far as I can tell (if you include coming from something that used to breathe, like milk).   I haven’t come up with any food that is truly nutritious that doesn’t meet that criteria.  Can you?  There must be some.   Ponder it and tell me what you come up with.

Anyway, time for my last session.   Would I continue to have success “on my own”?   I couldn’t think of a reason why not, since everything was going so well.   And yet, Karen helped me make this drastic change.  What if I needed continuous reinforcement?  I can’t afford to go all the time, and I REALLY don’t want to revert to my old ways, eating garbage every day.   I have been feeling so much better!

Just a few days earlier, I was driving to work feeling so relaxed and at ease with life.  I thought to myself, is this what inner peace feels like?  I always considered myself to be a go with the flow kind of person, not holding stress for long periods of time, and trying to see the positive in everything around me (it drives my husband crazy when he’s on a rant about something and I try to point out a lighter perspective).  But this was different.  And it isn’t my imagination.  Since starting hypnosis, my resting heart rate has dropped from an average of 74 down to 68-69.   Consistently, starting the very next day.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I randomly take my pulse throughout the day!  My Fitbit captures it and shows me the daily average and trendline.

This last session didn’t offer much in the way of entertainment for you, blog reader.   It was some discussion about how far I’ve come in a few short weeks, and the hypnosis itself was geared toward confidence building, giving myself permission to stand up for myself.  Hey, those of you who know me, stop laughing!!  Surprisingly, sometimes I actually don’t stand up for myself when I should, despite my outspoken personality.

I gave her a hug as I was leaving, feeling confident but a tiny bit hesitant at the same time.  And happy.  SO. DANG. HAPPY.   I really do feel like she has changed my life, even though she keeps saying that I did it.   I couldn’t have done it alone, so Karen, you get credit whether you want to take it or not.  ♥   Out the door I go, ready to embrace and live my new life.   The next year should be incredible.  If I don’t totally revert.  But I won’t.   I won’t.

My last session was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.   Talk about trial by fire!  This will be a gigantic test to see if I really changed like I think I did, or if the big day of eating tosses me unceremoniously back to the gluttonous habits of last month.

I had to make 3 pies on Wednesday.   I started with the easiest one, a quick to make no bake, pudding based pie.  Normally, I would save a bit in the bowl to eat after I filled the crusts.  This time, I tasted the tiniest speck to make sure I had the right consistency and flavor, and that was it.  I didn’t want it.   Not only did I not want the pie filling, I actually forgot to eat!  All.  Day.   I didn’t remember to eat.

I kept drinking water as I was running errands and getting ready for Thanksgiving the next day, and when dinner time came around I realized I had not eaten since a 1/2 bowl of  oatmeal at breakfast.  This is not anything I’ve ever done, or at least not since I was about 19, and I was a bit alarmed to think “did it work too well?  Have I gotten a hypnotic overdose of sorts?  Is that possible?  Should I google it?  Stop.  I’m overreacting to something normal people do occasionally.   I’m just not used to it”.   Kind of goes to show just how food focused I was for so long.   I can see now how ridiculous it was that missing a meal sent me into a panic that something was wrong.   Wow.

Thanksgiving Day I had eggs and toast for breakfast and got busy with meal preparations.  I didn’t overdo at lunch (our big meal), with single reasonable portions of everything.  About an hour after we finished eating, dessert was calling us.  I had 2 pieces of pie (we had 5 pies!).   I ended up over my calorie goal for the day, but I wasn’t concerned about that because it was Thanksgiving which is a food focused holiday.   Besides, I had barely eaten the day before.

Friday morning, the day after Feast Fest, I went to the gym to get in a decent workout before the weekend.  I’ve been doing really well getting there 2-3 times a week and I wanted to keep the momentum going.  It’s very easy to fall off that habit, even for people that have been in the habit for a long time.   Besides, I wanted to go into the rest of the weekend feeling good about myself.  So…I decided to do my weight check since I was there in the morning.  Good news!   In the last 15 days, I had lost a little over 5 pounds, including 3.9 pounds of body fat!  That means I’m not wasting my gym membership anymore!   FINALLY some progress!  To see that result the day after Thanksgiving gave me a great boost!  I enjoyed a piece of pie Friday evening, another piece Saturday evening, and I felt completely finished with the pies.  I told my husband not to save me any and to please toss out any leftovers when he had enough because I was done with them.

Sunday morning I made some pumpkin protein pancakes to get the day off to a good start, and had healthy snacks at lunchtime when we were on the go and got lunch at a convenience stop.   Sunday night I made a cauliflower soup which was low calorie and had lots of veggies.  It was a new recipe, as I’ve never made a cauliflower soup; it was a bit bland but not bad.  I ate it for lunches all week, paired with various proteins.

Thursday morning, a week after Thanksgiving, and 10 days after my last session with Karen, I stopped in at the medical clinic and had my fasting glucose checked.  The day that I decided to make an appointment for hypnosis, I was worried about my fasting glucose number.   Just 23 days after my first appointment, my glucose was down 14 points.  It isn’t where I want it yet, but it’s going in the right direction.

I did it.  I got through Thanksgiving Day eating exactly what I wanted and went right back to everyday normal eating.  A week and a half after my last hypnosis session I was still feeling great and completely in control of my eating.   No cravings.   No panic that I don’t have an appointment with Karen coming up.   I’ve got this.   And it feels so good.

If you have questions you want answered about my experience and results with hypnosis, leave a comment or send me a private message.  I’m happy to share in as much detail as you want.

Future post topics will include self hypnosis, what happens when the “new” wears off, progress updates, and whatever else crosses my mind.  To make sure you don’t miss them, subscribe to my blog for an email notification when I publish a new post.

Lastly, if you think of any nutritious food that didn’t come from the ground, didn’t used to breathe, or didn’t come from something that used to breathe, leave a comment to tell me what you came up with!

2 thoughts on “They Say Third Time’s The Charm”

  1. Wow … Karen shared your blog with me, it’s awesome. This is EXACTLY the results I am looking for! Congratulations to you … I probably will never write a blog, but have many friends I will share my results with. I’m actually not telling friends and family I am doing this … not because it’s “hokey” … but because I am so optimistic that it will work I want to be able to answer when asked how I did it to say “Karen Gray Hypnosis”!!!!


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