Quietly Investigating

…what if my friends…thought I was a bit of a kook!?

Welcome to my hypnosis blog!   Let me share a bit of background with you to explain how I got here.

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to lose weight and get healthy again.   Mind you, I’m not in bad health per se’ but certainly far from fit and carrying around 90-100 pounds excess body weight.  Eventually, that catches up with us.   With a family history of diabetes, I needed to make a change for the better before I became a statistic.

I finally found a gym that I like (yay!), but still really struggled to get my food under control.  I don’t mean eating healthy foods.  Lean meats?  √   5-8 servings of fruits and veggies?  √  whole grains?  √   What I mean is that I struggled with not eating unhealthy crap.   Whoopie pies?  Yes please!  Chips?  1 bag per serving!   Candy bars?  King (size) me!   Sharing a popcorn at the movies?   Yes, jumbo please with extra butter.   You get the idea…it wasn’t pretty.    Overeaters Anonymous had no appeal to me; I wasn’t interested in any 12 step “programs”.   I knew what I needed to do (STOP eating that crap!), yet I had zero self control.  None.  I would try to talk myself out of buying the junk, and be surprised when I was facing an empty package.  How did that happen??   What was wrong with me??

Several years ago, when I still smoked (see, I have a history of unhealthy behaviors), I tried a group hypnosis to quit smoking.  It worked!  Well, it worked until I didn’t have a self hypnosis “backup” tape to listen to (that’s cassette tapes, before cd’s were invented).  I started smoking again waiting for my backup tape.   But I knew hypnosis had potential to unlock my willpower or whatever it was that I was lacking.

I started looking for local hypnosis practitioners, and found one that had some good information on the website.   I visited the website almost daily for a few weeks, then got enough courage to hit the “contact us” button and send an inquiry about costs and what is involved.   I got a quick reply back asking for more details as to what I was hoping to change, and I got scared off.   I messaged back that I was “just curious” and left it at that.

I then started following the facebook page for this practice, but didn’t “like” it (what if my facebook friends saw that “like” and thought I was a bit of a kook!?).   After the shooting at DHMC earlier this year, they offered free hypnosis for anyone dealing with trauma from the event.  I thought “that’s really nice”, and liked the page and shared the post.   Because, suddenly, I’m potentially helping someone else and liking it because they offered a kind service to the public.  I’m not a kook.  I’m just a caring person.

A bit more time went by and I got the courage to email again, and set up a time to talk about my challenges and what I wanted to change.   I was incredibly nervous to take that phone call, and even took time off work to be home for it, so nobody would hear the conversation.  Saying I needed help was not easy.   We talked about my inability to just cut back on the junk food, and she was certain she could help.   She told me the price of 3 sessions, which is the recommended building blocks to bring me success.   Nope, can’t spend that kind of money but thanks.  I’m sure I’ll get back to you when I’m ready.

A few more weeks of HARD work at the gym and I realized that I was wasting my gym membership.  Yes I was working out but hadn’t lost an ounce of weight and because of my weight all the exercises were extremely difficult.  Everything we did with body weight, I had an extra 100 pounds to maneuver or hold up.  Talk about a disadvantage!

So, back to the website and facebook page I went, stalking again.   This time, I asked about timing of appointments; was she booking for tomorrow or 2 months out?   Turns out it was just a few weeks so I decided to go for it.   I booked 3 appointments, each a week apart.   Hope it works!

I think that’s enough for my first post, but stay tuned because I’ll be updating soon to share my experience with the first appointment.


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